What is the next step?

I’ve had my 2nd injection of Fasenra and this time I have not had the side effects that occurred with the 1st injection so who knows this may be the drug of choice for now.

I research websites and Facebook to see how others are doing and I hear great results. Hoping my story will be another success story.

My Doctor recently had the talk with my husband and myself regarding short-term goals and long-term goals. My lung functions are not the best they should be with the use of Nucala and now also Fasenra.  I continue to use the Bevespa and they Asmenex twice daily along with the ProAir as needed.  Neb treatments when I feel that is the best choice. I am good and following the instructions. I keep a log.  Use the Peak Flow meter the Dr gave to me as well from time to time the pulse oximetry.  I use the CPAP every night and I hate it but it does seem to help.  I try to exercise when I can but always end of winded and out of breath. That is so frustrating due to weight gain which in turn make the breathing more difficult.  I try to stay away from Prednisone but have had 2 rounds with a slow taper this year so much better than continuous use.  There was also talk with my Pulmonologist about the bronchial thermaplasty.  I think I will keep that as a last result process.

I would like to hear from others who struggle with severe Asthma and what works for them.



New medicine… Fasenra instead of Nucala.  1st shot April 25th.  Although I do feel it has helped my breathing I have the overall itchiness.  Also have had 4 episodes of feeling lightheaded with heart palpitations.  Not sure this will be the right medicine for me but may be the only option for me at this time.

Are you in the midst of changing biologic’s and why?


dyspnea on exertion…

I am feeling old now.  I can’t walk for any length of time but yet I get advised to walk to exercise and build up my lungs.

I am still working …fortunately.  But my office is up a flight of stairs …. 28 steps. Everyday I pray I make it up the stairs. My heart Rate jumps immediately. I have SOB and have to rest once I make it to my desk.    I wonder does this help or hinder the lung exercise I try to accomplish daily.

What are your daily goals?



Insurance change…

I am currently waited on approval for my current biological medicine Nucala with my new  insurance.  I am about 2 weeks behind in receiving the medication.  I have not heard back from the Insurance company since they “say” it’s approved but there is quite a bit of confusion with all parties involved.

I can “tell” my body has been without the meds for about 2 weeks past my Shot Date. I know the Dr say it doesn’t effect you that quickly but for me and how I feel I can tell I am off schedule.

My SAT levels are not at the best and I’ve been sick as well with a Sinus Flare.  Saline Rinse everyday and I work carefully to not be exposed to any triggers.