What is the next step?

I’ve had my 2nd injection of Fasenra and this time I have not had the side effects that occurred with the 1st injection so who knows this may be the drug of choice for now.

I research websites and Facebook to see how others are doing and I hear great results. Hoping my story will be another success story.

My Doctor recently had the talk with my husband and myself regarding short-term goals and long-term goals. My lung functions are not the best they should be with the use of Nucala and now also Fasenra.  I continue to use the Bevespa and they Asmenex twice daily along with the ProAir as needed.  Neb treatments when I feel that is the best choice. I am good and following the instructions. I keep a log.  Use the Peak Flow meter the Dr gave to me as well from time to time the pulse oximetry.  I use the CPAP every night and I hate it but it does seem to help.  I try to exercise when I can but always end of winded and out of breath. That is so frustrating due to weight gain which in turn make the breathing more difficult.  I try to stay away from Prednisone but have had 2 rounds with a slow taper this year so much better than continuous use.  There was also talk with my Pulmonologist about the bronchial thermaplasty.  I think I will keep that as a last result process.

I would like to hear from others who struggle with severe Asthma and what works for them.


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